Monday, April 8, 2013

Well well! P-Day again! 8-4-13

Hello everyone! These P-Days are coming around too fast! :)
Update on the mission, we set a date for Manuel! He accepted! He even came to Conference!
A small miracle happened this week. I had another interview with President Souza, and he commented that we arent having baptisms as much because of our lack of New Investigators. After this, I prayed for inspiration, and was reading in the small chapter of Alma 25, seemingly insignificant, but I found a verse that hit me pretty hard. It talked about the Lamanites who had heard the teachings and not accepted at that time, but later they accepted and converted. We searched the Area Book in the old investigators, and started making visits. (after 2 weeks, a person can be counted as a New Investigator again) We found two houses, one woman had just talked with a friend (a member) about conference. It was just perfect, and we invited her to go.
The second house we found another lady who was in a lot of confusion. The church she goes to had just undergone a division, and she didnt know what to do. We passed by, and left the message of the Restoration, which was exactly what she needed to hear. We marked another visit, and invited her to Conference.
I was very sad, neither of these daughters of God came to conference. Our visits fell through. :( But we will keep trying.
I got to listen to conference in English this time! They had a room upstairs with a TV in english, and the Stake President is... American! Due to meeting investigators, I missed Elder Holland's talk. :( Im going to download it and listen to it. I also got to watch the Priesthood session, at 6 in the morning! It made me miss you Dad, and the tradition we have after that session.
For Easter, we (us 4 and a friend from the ward, Sergio) went to a place that has Arab flat bread sandwiches, and ice cream. it was really good! Our Ovos de Páscoa are chocolate eggs, hollow, with something inside. I have pictures of mine. :) They're about the size of a junior football. :) The total that I took out was R$120, or about US$60 Thanks so much for letting us go eat and have a bit of fun!
Dad, your shooting adventure sounds awesome!!! Im super jealous! Guns are completely illegal here, but the law is basically nonexistant. quite a number of thieves have a gun that they use as incentive. When I get back, Id like to get a 9mm myself. :) Great minds think alike!
Sarah, Im going to write you back very soon, k? :) On real paper, so itll take a little bit, but youll have the original handwritten one! :) Btw, I found a place that sells clothing from INDIA!!! I thought of you.
This computer isnt reading my card, so no pictures this week. :(
Um, what next? Ah, Manuel's dream. It was a war, and there was this huge strong guy that he tried to attack, but it didnt work. The strong guy turned and hit him and sent him flying. Thats about all I caught from it. :(
Elder Couto and I are great! He's super funny, easy going, and we get along great! He's teaching me to draw a bit better, and the anime style. (*groan* yes, yes, I know) Hes majoring in Graphic Design, and wants to work in the United States. The field is a bit bigger there than here.
Mom, the oatmeal cookies are in the Recipes Every Man Should Know book. :) You can start learning Portuguese more through my Portuguese for Dummies Book that Dad bought me, it really helped!
Well, I think thats about it. I made the other scones (raspberry and vanilla) and everyone loved them. Im turning into a master chef around here. :)
Ah mom, something you might like. Its called Moosey!... or mousse. 400g of creme de leite (normal cream) 400g sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup natural yogurt, 1 juice powder packet that makes 1 liter of juice (like the one I sent for Christmas) I made lime, and put juice of 2 limes in it for some extra zing. :) Beat in blender for 3 minutes, pour into a bowl and put in the freezer for a few hours. Yay!!! Hope you like it!
Well, thats it for me, my time is up. Love you all! May the Lord continually bless you and watch over you! Thanks for all that you guys do for me!

~Elder Wille

P.S. Grandma, Im so sorry its taken so long! I do get your letters, thank you so very much! I hope all goes well with your new car and selling the Buick! Love you!

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