Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Again! With Pictures.

(Gru from Dispicable Me) Hello everyone!
The day of the transfer has arrived, Elder Couto went to his very first area, Rios. He couldnt believe it, it was a dream come true for him. I will probably get one more chance to chat with him at the Zone Conference. :) That conference we will also find out what areas are going to the new mission. I think the people who go have to wait until the actual transfer begins. :/
Im still in the same area, yay! My companion is Elder Villalba, from....Paraguay!!! Hes awesome, we were in the same zone for the entire time I was in Caucaia. This transfer is going to be fantastic. He speaks spanish, so you can finally talk with him without translating too much! :D

So, something really awesome happened to me Thursday night. I picked up a VERY nasty virus. I took Ibuprofen to help a bit before bed, but still, I had chills, (teeth chattering like mad, huddled up in my sheets, even though our room gets bloody hot) diarrhea, racing heart, headache, the works, but nothing respiratory. Nose was fine, lungs and throat were fine. But the real topper was the fever of (drumroll please) 102.8! And to make the story even better, the other Elders were spending the night at the office in Centro of Fortaleza with the only cell phone. 2 o clock in the morning, without a phone to call Sister Souza (or a hospital for that matter) and a fever that high... I thought to myself that If it went over 103 Id wake Elder Couto up and get help. Luckily, we had some frozen water bottles in the freezer, so I wrapped that in a towell and put it behind my neck to help bring my temperature down. It worked, and I survived the night. Oh wait, it gets better! The next morning we had a wedding to do! Be at the brides house at 7 to catch the train to the Cartório. My mind felt completely disconnected from everything, lots of things didnt register in my brain. Like putting my shoes on. I knew it was me putting them on, but I couldnt remember the motions that I made to get them there. Walking was a chore, I was absolutely exhausted.
I slept some after, and had lunch at a members house. Boiled banana and rice for me, banquet for the others. After that, I was feeling better.
When the other elders finally got back, I called Sister Souza, described what happened, and they sent a taxi for me to go to the hospital. I was feeling more or less okay, just the normal getting-over-the-flu feeling, but I went anyway and took a Soro! It looks like pee, but its not. Its B complex IV. I felt much much better after that, and slept in the next day to give the virus a final kick out the door.

Im super excited for skype! What time is best for you guys? Were allowed to start at 10h here, 7 o clock there, and we have to end at 4h30 or 5. 1:30 or 2, if Im going the right direction. :D Our schedule is pretty flexible on P-day, theres not a lot to do.

I got money back from the Government??? Yay! Could you pay tithing on that too for me please? I need all the blessings I can get. Thanks!
Dang it, I have to go. Sarah, because of the virus and wedding, I wasnt able to get your letter off. Im so sorry!
We baptized Manoel's wife and Silene! Pictures next week! :)

~Elder Wille

P.S. Dad, I dont have any special techniques for chimneys. :( I try to avoid them if I can. put as much pressure on your feet as you can perpendicular to the wall, to help your feet stick. Thats the best I got.

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