Monday, April 15, 2013

Great Big News!!! 15-4-2013

Hi Everyone! Many exciting things have happened! And I have a few pictures (9) to send, I have to shrink them down first.
Dad, let me first say that your trip was chock full of adventure! Im so very glad that you are okay, despite the various injuries. I hope you get back to normal really fast! It sounded like it was an enjoyable trip overall. With the blood and the hole, I think that it would be more or less the same if you actually had gotten shot... :S

So, first bit of news... I bought Nescau cereal to eat! :D Oh wait, thats lame news. This is the big one: Skype is authorized for Mothers day!!! Or rather, the day after. (P-Day) It will be just like Christmas! :) I get 40 minutes to talk to you via skype, but it will count as the email. I will let you know what time we will be on in 2 or 3 weeks, the transfer this coming week will change things for us. Are Alisha and Todd going to be in Utah that day? Oh, and could you tell me my username for skype? I forgot it, and cant check it.
Another big news, email has been extended to an hour and a HALF! Wow!!! And I dont know if I told this yet, but we can email friends now, too! :)

Mom, you got to shoot guns too? Thats cool! the .22 is a little small for me. Like Dad, I was wanting to get a 9mm. Im planning on getting one when I get back. Também, a comprehensive list would be very helpful! Im a bit surprised at how expensive they are. O.o They have bibles and triples here all over, leather and not, but thanks anyway! I got a Book of Mormon thats really cool. I dont have a picture of it now, but I will send one when I can, probably next week.

Sarah, I started to write your letter. Im about halfway done. :( sorry for the delay! I want to make it quality for you.
The india store has shirts and dresses/skirts for R$40 (US $20) Im planning on sending a smallish package with some music, short movies, etc sometime soon. :) Theyre one size fits all, whats your color preference, and do you want a dress or a blouse?

Alisha and Todd, I got your package! :) Thank you so much! I sent half the stuff to Elder R Barbosa in Caucaia, cause I was in my new area when it got here. That card was really cute, I knew exactly who it was. :D How are you guys doing? School should be almost out, right? What are your plans for the summer and stuff? (besides Powell. D: D: D:)

Manuel got baptized!!! Im sending a separate email with a picture of him, his wife, and his daughter. (who is a member) Elder Couto bapitzed him. It was so cool! He said he wants to find the true church and agarrar o evangelho com dentes e unhas, which translates to more or less Cling to the gospel with tooth and nail. Agarrar is cooler though, cling just doesnt do it justice.
Manuel is planning on bringing his family to the church. Could you guys include this in your prayers? That theyll be open and touched by our message? Its the mom and two sons. the boys arent in the picture because they were unable to come.

Silene is getting married this weekend! I didnt know it, but it was a dream of hers to get married. Her 'husband' didnt want to, so she just accepted the loss. Then the missionaries started teaching her, and convinced him to get married! Now she can have what she always dreamed of. :) Sadly, he doesnt want to recieve our visits. :(

So, the transfer with the division is in June, I believe. :/ kind of a long way away. But it will be on a p day, so youll know the same day which one Im at. Have the package ready! :) chances are that Elder Couto will leave our area and finish somewhere else. He has only 6 more weeks from today.

Some random things that happened. I opened a Green Coconut, and started to drink the water, but it seemed a bit carbonated the first second and a half. Thats weird. It didnt smell funny, but I asked Elder Alves da Silva if it had alcohol in it. (he fell away from the church for a bit, went to some parties and stuff) Turns out it did have a bit. Its sitting with a strainer over the top on the counter to lose the booze. :S
We are going to watch Megamind today, in Portuguese. Last week, we watched Madagascar 3 and Shrek Para Sempre... Forever After? Anyway, both really good movies, I enjoyed them, and I think you guys will like them too.
Dang Mom, a few days ago I was craving your bavarian cream. D: Cream in a cold bowl, beat until it makes whipped cream, barely setting up (Raspberry) jello, and nuts, right? I think I can make a something close to it. :)

Dad, I thought about you a lot during conference. Hope youre not missing me too much. Got a picture of your hole in the hip? Sounds like it might leave a pretty decent battle scar. :)

Well, my time is about up. I miss you all! Say hi to the family for me! I will talk to you next week, and in person next month!

~Elder Wille

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